Descendants 2 Evie Deluxe Costume for Girls


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You got to hand it to Evie, she grew up on the Isle of the Lost with the Evil Queen for a mother and yet she seems to have more goody two shoes than villain about her. Sure, every once in a while she gives in to her inner rebel but at heart, she’s a kind and innocent girl next door type.

These days she’s learned that there’s more to life than finding her Prince Charming, who turned out to be pretty conceded anyway. Now, she’s enjoying high school away from the Isle of the Lost and developing those chemistry skills she inherited from her mother, the evil queen. Poisoning an apple is a no-no, using those skills to get A’s in high school? Definitely a good thing. The baddest thing about Evie? Her wardrobe. We mean bad in a good way, of course. We don’t know who the designer on the Isle of the Lost is but honestly, if the mainland wants to ban them there, it’s their loss. All the teens on the Isle have a cool style but it’s Evie who has a light romantic touch to all of her ensembles.

We wouldn’t blame anyone for wearing elements of this costume in their day-to-day. The jacket tunic has tough zipper and stud elements while remaining sweet with heart and crown decals. The leggings layered underneath have a heart, crown and apple pattern.

And when the temp rises Evie’s style will remain complete with the heart and crown T-shirt, super easy to integrate into a weekly wardrobe, it still maintains that tough villain flair. So, whether working on chemistry or feeling out the chemistry of a Halloween party, any Evie enthusiast is going to feel proud to come from the Isle of the Lost in this ensemble.